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Our adventures can be customised to match the goals of the conference and includes indoor and outdoor options. The STAR Leaders (Simulated Team Adventure Race) Game is our flagship product which is ideal when time is limited or you'd rather not get too sweaty or dirty.

WARNING!!! It is addictive and highly competitive.

Gurney's cut the nasties out of adventure racing and is getting down to business. With no leeches, mud, blood, puffing, sweat, sleep deprivation, your team can now enjoy a virtual adventure race for your conference or business and develop winning team strategies in:

-Risk Management
-Decision Making

And it's FUN!
View STAR Leaders game in action.
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* These are some popular examples. We can work together with you to create a customized program.


From people that have participated in the race...

- HOTteams adventure race is a great way to learn something about your team under pressure, identify individuals strengths and have fun.

- A great tool to build teamwork in business. Lots of fun as well. Competition brings out different strengths and weaknesses.

- A positive and relatively easy way to become aware of the importance of teamwork.

- Is fun and an opportunity to play and learn as a team in a fairly relaxed environment.

- Just do it! Unique.

- It has the element of fun but it is a learning and self development experience.

- A great and fun experience to discover decision making, risk management and leadership.

- Huge fun! A great way to break the ice, trust your team and appreciate each person's talents.

- It was a fun way to learn teamwork.