What we offer.

  • Our training programs are an exciting new concept offering fresh ideas for conferences. We’ve modeled it on the dynamics of successful adventure racing teams and adapted it to train teams in the corporate world.
  • We can provide a fully themed conference including master of ceremonies, key note speaking, and our adventure based learning products. Or we can just provide our adventure based learning products as a supporting feature of your conference.
  • We discuss what makes a champion team and how this can be applied to your business. We provide any training necessary for our adventures.
  • Business coaching experts are always a part of our program and are there to facilitate, inspire and coach participants to be the best they can be and achieve success.
  • In designing the training we will work with the management team to tailor the program to their specific requirements and needs and insure that concepts and learnings are transferred to their workplace.
  • The highlight of the off-site adventures is normally a race between teams. The race can either be in the form of an outdoor adventure race or indoors playing our STAR Leaders Simulated Team Adventure Race Game.
  • We recommend using our business coaching experts for on-site training afterwards to ensure transfer of the team work experience and learning to the workplace.
  • Everything we do can be customised from 2-3hr, half day, full day or 5 day.

For more information please contact The Team