Steve, Nora and Ian are adventures.

We’ve been competing in Adventure Races and Expedition Events since 1989. It’s all about mountains, rivers, critters, compasses, bikes, kayaks, jungles deserts, exhaustion, sleep deprivation and risk. But most of all, it’s about working as a team through these challenges to win the race. We’ve had a couple of dismal failures, even near-death mistakes, but we’ve learned from those and have had many good wins since.

We’re all winners in our own individual races, but this matters little in a team situation as a champion team will always beat a team of champions in adventure racing!

You may recall the TV reality show Survivor, that spawned a rash of reality TV shows? Well, the idea for this came from Adventure racing. Mark Burnett (the producer) is an ex-adventure racer, and designed a TV show that exploits the problems that dysfunctional teams exhibit. These TV teams are the antithesis of successful teams. Our success in adventure racing team-work involves understanding, and managing this dysfunction for successful results.

With 40 combined years of successful team racing, we’ve formulated a program that transfers our learnings to business teams.

We’re a vibrant, energetic team with many years of combined international-level team adventure racing experience. Our wins and our losses at top level racing have taught us what makes a champion team.

Steve Gurney
Age: 49
Qualifications: BE (mech)
Awards: MNZM. 2 x Canterbury sportsperson of the year.
Adventure Racing Experience:18 years competing and very often winning international Adventure Races (Raid Gauloises, Eco-Challenge, Southern Traverse).
Relevant Sporting Achievements: 9 wins in the Coast to Coast, 3 wins in the Raid Gauloises, 1st in the Subaru Primal Quest 2002, NZ Mountain Bike Team to the World Champs 1990-94 and many Southern Traverse winner.
Current Job Role: Adventure Race Course Designer, professional speaker.
Nora Audra
Age: 36
Qualifications: BA (Graphic Design), Outward Bound Instructor
Adventure Racing Experience: 8 years competing internationally (Raid Gauloises, Eco-Challenge, Southern Traverse) and founder and current member of the only permanent all girl internationally competing adventure racing team - Team Atenah Brazil. 3rd Adventure Racing World Championships Brazil 2008.
Relevant Sporting Achievements: Current Top Brazilian adventure racing team (team navigator and strategist), top female in 2006 Land Rover G4 challenge (5th over all), elite mountain bike competitor in Brazil.
Current Job Role: Outward Bound Instructor, Adventure Race Course Designer and Race Director.
Ian Edmond
Age: 46
Qualifications: MPhEd, BSc
Adventure Racing Experience: 14 years adventure racing, 12 years competing internationally currently for Team Merrell/Wigwam Adventure.
Relevant Sporting Achievements: Elite Mens Team New Zealand Triathlon Team 1990, 1995 Coast to Coast Champion (World Championship Kayak, Cycle, Mountain Run), 2005 1st team Bull of Africa, 2006 3rd team Primal Quest Utah, 2005-6 2nd team Ecomotion Brazil. 3rd Adventure Racing World Championships Brazil 2008.
Current Job Role: Director of 100% Pure Racing that runs New Zealands biggest Adventure Race - GODZone Adventure.